Why Marketers Should Measure Their CPA

In the next 10 years, online advertising is expected to generate nearly $10 in revenue. However, this does not mean that future expenses cannot be accounted for. It is only logical to measure results depending on the advertising campaign that the marketer uses. The measurement is achievable using return on investment (ROI). Initially, entrepreneurs relied on digital advertisements such as televisions, radios, and magazine to track their performances. This is supposed to change so that the company does not need to incur advertisement charges.

The idea of Cost per Click (CPC) or Cost per Impression (CPI)

Both of these instruments are used by many business entities to measure their result. Nevertheless, simple clicks and impressions do not measure accurately. The best alternative to this is the use of statistics linking costs and sales since the CPC and CPI only display unjustifiable expenses. By measuring your CPA, gives the user a chance to calculate the Return on Investment (ROI). The calculations are extremely accurate hence the marketer has no excuse in making the wrong decision.

best CPA bidding methods
best CPA bidding methods

Optimization of cost per install

A new marketer needs to update his/her knowledge based on mobile marketing to optimize their CPA. An application known as Liftoff Mobile App Engagement Index is responsible for the installation of over 550 install events. It is easy to identify a new product in the market that enables you to update your mobile advertising.

The relationship between results and CPA

By measuring your CPA, you are able to assess your progress in terms of AdWords Quality Score. When the quality score is high, that means that your CPA is likely to cost less. As a matter of fact, once you have optimized your quality score, you are also regulating on the cost per action.

CPA Bidding

Once you have determined the results based on your CPA findings, you are able to establish the best CPA bidding methods. Here, you are able to assist you to decide how much you are going to spend on advertising in future. It will help you to avoid costs by Google whenever a customer visits your website. You can only make the payment upon conversions such as a sale, lead or a download of any type.

To gauge a CPA provider

By making the measurements, you shall be able to tell whether your service provider is giving you the best leads. The result you get from the statistics will determine whether you can trust him/her in future. Each week or month, he/she should be able to give you a detailed report on how much leads he/she is able to present to you. If not, then that is a clear indication that you are not dealing with the genuine provider.

To avoid excess fees

Averagely, a provider is supposed to charge you a setup fee of about $2,500-$10,000; that is about 25% of network fee. Sometimes, the provider may request for higher fees. Before forming an agreement, you need to ensure that what you are also getting increases. Otherwise, low revenue means that you are not able to increase their fees.


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