How to Make a Private Blog Network (PBN)?

If you have not heard of PBN ever before then I must share this information that PBN stands for Private Blog Network and it is a powerful way of ranking your website within less than 48 hours. It is also known as the Authority Blog Network.

Importance of PBN

SEO is a highly credible method to earn money online. It enables you to earn money using different ways. SEO is basically the tool which enables your website to attract the targeted visitors and increases the sales and income from the ads on your website. When I started to train my students about SEO, I found that most of the people in the market made SEO concept highly complicated. The fact is that SEO is not that much complicated. And PBN is a part of SEO and you may refer it to be an integral part of SEO. PBN mainly contains the concepts such as keyword density, type of site (EMD or Brand), length of the content and keyword selection, etc. In this way, PBN becomes very important to use SEO in the best possible way.

PBN is not a new concept as most of the people think. Initially, it was known as Network of Websites and then back in 2011 or 2012 it adopted the term PBN. Google ranks different websites, according to different conditions. It requires unique theme, quality navigation, good hosting, brand or EMD domain, backlinks from credible and authority sites and the credibility of the website. SEO research is the most important factor.

Authority Sites

PBN is basically a network of at least 8 authority sites. If somebody claims that he or she builds authority sites customized for you, he or she is just playing tricks. It takes at least six months to build one authority site. Attaining the Page Rank (PR) or domain authority is not a child’s play but once your websites manage to avail PR then you earning will be increased from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Adopt According to the Changing Trends

Most of the SEO experts ignore this method which I am going to share with you. I prefer this method because I have personally experienced its great results. This method involves the services of because this website is free and you can register your account. This is a low-cost method. It allows you to find fresh expired domains which got expired before 24 hours or so. You should try to search the extension .co , .cc , .be , .tv and .it .

Most of the people who claim to be the expert SEO individuals would reject this idea because they always suggest to opt for .com or .org.I have learned from my experience that things have changed a lot and Google has become more sophisticated in this regard. Now the conventional techniques are not going to work properly and the smart move is to change according to the changing trends. Keep in mind that backlinks alone are not enough these days. Your website needs to have a natural anchor-text profile. If you choose .com, .org or .net, it will increase your cost and the overall investment will be much more. Normally the cost of one PBN is over 1000$ but if you use with the non-popular domains, you can make the PBN by investing just 400$ t o500$. You must never ignore this difference in the cost.

Criteria for the Domain

The domain must be indexed, with minimum PR 1 and a Da of minimum 20. The backlink profile must be graded as ‘Good’. Most of the people long for PR 10 domain, but it is really hard to find such a domain. But you should never lose hope and if you ride your luck at the particular day, you might find a domain with PR. You can use the ‘Filter’ option to find the pages with required qualities. for CF and TF is a good tool to check the Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF). In this ways, you have a clear idea to know about the credibility of a particular website. The minimum reading for both should be at least 15. There are some other tools available on the internet, but I have found that uses the best matrix.

Separate Hosting

You must keep your domains on different hosting as it brings natural backlinks. To register the hosting platform you may refer to,, or You must opt for C-Class IP to register the domain hosting. The charges these platforms vary from each other. It depends upon the popularity of the platform.

PBN provides you the quality backlinks. People mostly take PBN and SEO differently, but the fact is that PBN is the integral part of SEO research. Google search engine is based on SEO and PBN provides credibility and authenticity to your SEO operations. So to build a strong PBN you must have a proper knowledge of SEO research. I hope that this information is going to help you a lot to earn much more shortly. You may join the live training with for further information and knowledge.


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